10 best Game Boy Advanced Games List

10 best Game Boy Advanced Games List: The Game Boy Advance is considered as a best and lie between the Game boy color as well Nintendo DS. This has been come up with the best name as Nintendo handhelds. It is very much compatible with the older version of the hardware, supporting 32-bit processor as well as consist of various ports connected from SNES and play station. It also possesses 8 bit legacy of all the standard predecessors. It has meant for good functional design along with strong and limited library files. This consist of greater and wide range of third-party support. And this help to establish in a greater way. An individual can name it as one of the best and modern mobile gaming device.

10 -best -Game -Boy- Advanced- Games- List

Without including the battery backup, offered the first portable video game successfully. One can experience the real features as well their counterparts without any fail. Few ports such as final fantasy VI  remain as one of the best version of the games released all over the market. And the remaining are said to be true successors of about 16-bit games say Mario Kart, sonic hedgehog and much more. Through this GBA, one can have the equivalent of SNES as the very much improvised link cable made everything possible and worthwhile.

Today the Nintendo GBA games are produced by millions of the Nintendo Game Boy developers. As such they are featured with the most beautiful art of graphics on the portable system. One can still follow and forward the thanks to the DS provided with GBA slot especially meant for having the backend compatibility. One can feel free to make use of the below list items and start enjoying the games provided with ultimate features.

10 best Game Boy Advanced Games List

The GBA has been released in Japan on the date called March 21, 2001, in North America on June 11, 2001, and in Australia as well  Europe on the day June 22, 2001. Again in mainland China on the day so-called June 8, 2004. There is certain list constitutes top 10 game boy advance GBA list provided in the current tutorial. An individual can get access to it for free without any fail. Do you like to wait for more? Here we go.

  1. Racing Gears Advance
  2. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
  3.  Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire
  4. Boktai: The Sun Is in Your Hand
  5. Mega Man Zero
  6. Metroid Fusion
  7. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
  8. Castlevania: Aria Sorrow
  9. Advance Wars
  10. WarioWare: Twisted!

These are the best and most challenging games played by the various users. One can get access these games through GBA meant as Game Boy Advance emulator for this you can download my boy apk for android and windows devices and then access the full my boy games.. As it is said to be super fast, one can install and enjoy the most advanced features built in all these games successfully.


Finally, We are here to provide the topmost  Game Boy Advanced Games List, where one can install and access these games through GBA for free as per their schedule. If you are very much interested and like the current tutorial, share on social networking sites or friends. If you have any doubts, comment on the below section. Thank you for the visit.

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