September 25, 2022
5 Indian Regional Fabric Prints For Cotton Single Bedsheet Designs

5 Indian Regional Fabric Prints For Cotton Single Bedsheet Designs

No matter where we move, our traditions and cultures follow us everywhere. That is the story of fabric prints renowned in distinct Indian states. There is an assorted variety used in the manufacturing of cotton single bedsheet designs. Also, the prominent part about the bedsheet fabric prints is that they don’t fade away. Most of them go through the intense process of fabric dying and drying in the sun. Accordingly, the question of fabrics withering away in a few washes hardly arises. Most of them are eminent globally, and people prefer them for the process they have gone through worldwide. If you are finding such sustainable options in cotton single bedsheet designs, continue reading about the most popular fabrics:

  1. Ajrak- When the mother earth is screaming louder for going green, using cotton single bedsheet designs in Ajrak print is what we can revert. Prominent from the Indus valley civilization, it is a kind of block printing. Most of the designs inspired by Ajrak have dark colours such as indigo blue, red, mustard yellow, and green. In reality, most of them are submerged in blue and red dyes. The fabric includes basic hand printing techniques that include wooden blocks. One of the essential elements apart from the dyes used in the manufacturing of this fabric is water. The process goes through 30 different steps to create a repetitive pattern of printing that looks exclusive and royal.
  2. Ikkat Print- You must have seen dresses in ikat print worn by girls during summers, if not cotton single bedsheet designs. However, you will be astonished to note that bedsheets in ikat print are prevalent globally. Ikkat or Ikat is a type of resist printing. Unlike other tie and dye techniques, the yarns in Ikkat print are first tied together and then dyed. The simple and subtle designs look equally beautiful. You can find dresses,cotton single bedsheets, double bedsheet designs in ikat print effortlessly on every textile store. The most celebrated print designs include fish, flowers, geometric patterns, parrots and leaves.
  3. Kalamkari – The print got inspiration from the Indian word ” Kalam”, which means pen. It is the most intriguing print design that you will ever find. The fabric prints go through a natural process of dying and seem as printed by hand. Traditionally block printed using vegetable dyes; this print originates from the state of Tamil Nadu. The unique process involves the selection of fabric and colours and then using cow or goat dung for bleaching. It further goes through a treatment that prevents the print from fading away. Besides Andhra Pradesh, the technique has ardent followers in Isfahan and Iran as well.
  4. Sanganer Prints- Time and tested the love for traditional Indian prints have grown abundantly. Sanganer prints are usually developed on white patterns. The fabric prints include beautiful leafy and floral patterns. You will find flowers such as marigold, rose, lotus, followed by a geometric pattern. The outer lines are drawn first, and then the colours are filled in between the prints. The cotton single bedsheet prints in Sanganer look extremely alluring and catch the onlooker’s gaze instantly.   
  5.  Warli Prints- Indubiatbly warli prints are popular all over for their quirky patterns. One must have observed the paintings, single bedsheets, and dresses in warli. It is a kind of tribal art practised in the state of Maharashtra. The prints usually define the routine life of tribal people. The folk culture includes different dance forms and clothing patterns. All of them are depicted beautifully on this. So, if being quirky is what you like to perceive, go for this fabric print.                     

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