November 28, 2022

8 Things Everyone Messes Up When It Comes to SEO

With the passing of time a search engine that is becoming smarter is Google. In order to provide the visitors a very good user experience, you need to follow the standard guidelines of the webmaster for feeding the bots of Google. If you will not do this then the search giant will not provide you the free traffic. When it comes to SEO then you will definitely mess up with certain things. You will face these things when an existing website is going to be redesigned by you or a new website is going to be designed by you. Now I am going to describe 8 things everyone messes up when it comes to SEO.

  1. When your website updates then your URL also updates or transfers with it – Some of the business moves that are great and fantastic are:
  • You keep your site always fresh
  • You update it regularly

However, when your website updates then its URL also changes. Some designers change the URL completely instead of updating it. We can say that the address changes when you change the URL. There is a possibility that you do not get the mail that is important if mail redirection has not been done by you. You can easily rectify this confusing, time-consuming and annoying thing. When in a URL these changes happen then what do you understand with this? It will not be possible to find the web page that was ranking in Google. So, why would anybody want to start from the beginning when he has made so many efforts to get a good rank?

  1. Success is not measured – The aim of your doing business may be meeting certain objectives and goals. When it comes to SEO the same needs to be done. You may take interest in achieving certain things. When for your trade, SEO does something then to measure it what will you do? For instance, if by the month of April, getting a new lawyer is your requirement or getting a more per month revenue of $20,000 is your requirement or if every month getting a new client is your requirement, then your aim will get set with this. Your success can be measured on the basis of goals defined by you.
  2. Goals are not tracked – Tracking the goals is also important after you set them. You need to check what is going on your website before starting its SEO. It will be considered as flying blindly if goals are not tracked by you. This increases the possibility of missing the target in spite of reaching nearest to it. You have to track emails, phone numbers and contact forms. Measuring anything will not be possible without tracking it. You can’t know the effectiveness of your work if measuring it is not possible for you.
  3. Defensive position is ignored – Suppose you have done the SEO of your website but the task is not over yet. The digital position that you have as well as your name needs to be protected. You need not to stop making attempts even when your one goal has been reached. You should not stop after getting a good ranking. You need to always try for:
  • Achieving something
  • Striving forward
  • Protecting your position
  • Making continuous attempts

After doing a job you should think about whether you have done it perfectly or not. You need not to praise yourself for it. Don’t have a feeling of satisfaction as it can give your competitor a chance to get a position better than you.

  1. You do not optimize on-page elements and include necessary information in images – In order to boost the engagement and making the audience happy you can include videos, images and podcasts in your content. But the keyword phrases are also searched by the spiders of the search engine. The Java applets, flash files and images are not taken into consideration by the search engine if there is a search for that content of your site which is most important. For displaying the links, content and important names, you should not use images but use the text.
  2. You do not think so much about mobile phone users – A mobile responsive site is today’s requirement. Look at some stats:
  • A lot of offline sales have been made by the searches performed by mobile locally and the percentage of these searches is 78%.
  • The use of mobile has increased a lot and so much time nearly 69 % is spent by the consumers on these.

For demoting not mobile-friendly websites, Google has taken a big step that is in March, 2015, it released an algorithmic update for that purpose. Visibility of those sites increased by 12 % which were mobile friendly. There are less chances of the visitors to bounce back with a mobile-friendly website and more possibility of user engagement.

  1. Don’t forget the bigger picture – In order to get a good rank, you need to always make attempts as SEO’s major part is ranking. People can easily get information about your website if you do good SEO. Don’t look for someone to help you. Instead, try to help others. If you will do this then you can be a winner.
  2. Perform the right activities of SEO at the right time – A lot of opinions are present in the minds of SEO people. There is a possibility that different SEO tactics and different ways of ranking a website will be used by the different SEO people. If those tactics and strategies that are favored by the SEO agencies are used by them then it can be very dangerous for them. You can perform a number of activities in SEO. But if you perform the right activities at the right time then you will be called a skilled person in doing SEO.

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