February 6, 2023
Abstract Paintings – A Medium to Transcend Normal Language Limits

Abstract Paintings – A Medium to Transcend Normal Language Limits

Abstract paintings are persuasive. Whether they love or hate them, a lot of people can’t find any help, but get attracted to them, have emotional attachment with them, and get engaged with them. An abstract is an inimitable concept. It is a type of tinkers with our spirits, brains, and emotions. It takes our brains, and prods, twists, and pulls them in a different way that sometimes brings significant results. Being common for a certain type of an art piece observer, such painting can make you laugh or cry a lot. As a common person, you can experience both sad and happiness. Fundamentally, abstractions on canvas are like other artworks on canvas. However, such an art work shows no action or movement. It is just like a combination of shapes, colours, and textures placed on a surface. 

The magic of abstract paintings starts when people begin to have a feeling in which they think that the things displayed on a canvas are their own psyche. They start to make a difference between shapes and colours and impact the same their language reliance. The people get to know how these art pieces inform them when their normal linguistics ability doesn’t support them to get that information. Such is an intangible actuality that makes the artwork difficult for common men to comprehend what’s going on. It happens, as sometimes the use of words helps people get the meanings only. Such art pieces are beyond words and relate to the thoughts that can’t easily be expressed through words. It is completely an observable fact. 

To comprehend this artwork, take an example. You come across a person who has never eaten a banana and sees you eating this fruit. On your question about banana tastes, you will find the person struggling hard to find the correct words or word combinations to explain the flavour of bananas. Further, you could refer to other things of the same type with the same tastes. You would find the person struggling hard to describe the banana’s tastes and flavour. The person needs to take a bite of a banana and establish a connection with it before describing banana flavours in words. It’s true where a person tastes it or not, but there is banana flavour. However, abstract paintings are the art piece that is hard to describe in a language. Sometimes our language aspects are beyond. And when our experience would be above language boundaries, we would start appreciating the real power of such an artwork. 

When you start to buy the best one for your home or office decoration, you can come across numerous options in terms of shapes, sizes, designs, and colours. You might find these artworks with human figures, deer, clock, mountain, girls with musical instruments, and splatter designs in colours like red, white, yellow, grey, etc. or a combination of these. Bring a piece of imagination to home and decorate your living room with it. Apart from you, your guests would try to comprehend the painting’s meaning and describe the same in their words when they would come to see you at your home. 


Abstract paintings inspire and move. They enhance individual understanding and human connection level. In addition, they help human beings transcend their daily linguistic ability and encourage them to get better.

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