November 28, 2022

Backlinks from Social Media are Very Important in SEO.

When it comes to SEO, there have always been differing viewpoints on social media backlinks. According to some experts, these linkages are worthless. Other experts are of a different opinion. They say that even though social media backlinks may not directly increase the website rank, they do play an indirect role. Digital Cookies, the Best SEO company in Melbourne, has always given equal importance to backlinks.

We’ll look at how social media backlinks can assist a business to enhance organic traffic, increase conversion rates, and increase revenue in this blog. As with every other SEO strategy, this one also takes time to show the results.


Backlinks on Facebook do not have to be restricted to posts or ads. As one of the most used SM platforms in the world, Facebook can generate a lot of traffic to the business website. This traffic is of high quality, which is recognized by the search engines and contributes to improving the website rank.

The links can be added to the about tab on personal profiles, business pages, and groups (make the fields public), cover photos and their descriptions, pinned posts/ announcements in groups, and regular posts that can be shared by other users.


Twitter, the micro-blogging website, is as famous as Facebook. The posts on Twitter are short and crisp due to the limited character count. This makes it easy for users to read more posts. However, this makes it hard for brands to create an impression unless they do something unique or creative. Also, some links do not show a preview on Twitter, much to the frustration of the users.

To use Twitter effectively for backlinks, SEO experts in Melbourne suggest brands add the website link to the bio, the website field, and include the links when tweeting a photo. As people retweet the image, the link will also be shared with several people.


LinkedIn allows each user to add up to 3 links in the profile information. Make the most of this by including links to the brand’s website and other social media pages. The links can also be added to projects and publications, group information, and the company’s basic information. Being a professional networking site, the links shared on LinkedIn profiles are taken seriously by the users. By asking the employees to share the brand’s website link in their profiles, the business link can be visible to all those who are connected to the employees.


Unlike other social media platforms, links on Instagram are not always active. The best way to provide a backlink is to add it to the bio where it is visible for everyone to see. The links in posts and comments do not work. However, bespoke SEO Melbourne experts understand the popularity of Instagram stories, where links can be added. Since the stories are active only for 24 hours, it is crucial to create an attractive post that will prompt users to swipe up and open the link.


YouTube is essentially a video blogging channel. But it offers quite a few ways to add backlinks to the website. One is the about page, the other is the post description for each video. And the videos themselves can have call-to-action buttons that take users to the website. Make sure that every video has one such button and mention it to the viewers.

Social Media Influencers

A social media influencer is someone who has a good following on their SM account(s). While some stick to one platform, others like to make their presence felt across the internet. The followers take their words as the gospel of truth. A single promotional post by such an influencer about a brand can generate a lot of interest. This interest is converted to website traffic and even sales. Even a subtle nudge and backlink by an influencer can help the brand reach new target audiences.

The trick, of course, lies in choosing the right platform, the right SM influencer, and the right time to market the brand. That’s where affordable SEO services in Melbourne come into the picture. The Experts know the how, when, why, and what of the process and can deliver the results for the business.

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