November 28, 2022

Is It Safe to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home?

Removing eyelash extensions can be very painful, especially if done by someone who has not had experience removing this type of hair before. You want to make sure you find a quality professional who has been doing this for many years. Eyelash extensions can be quite expensive, so if you decide to remove them yourself it could end up costing you more in the long run if you get hurt. If you do decide to try and remove them at home to be very careful! There are some very valuable health tips that you should follow while removing eyelash extensions at home.

The Safest Method:

The safest method (both to your own natural lashes and those of your extensions) to remove your eyelashes at home is to hire a professional to take them off for you. Eyelash extensions are glued to your natural lashes with a special glue. Removing them without using proper care could cause major damage to your natural lashes. You do not want to end up with loose lashes, nasty red marks and even scarring!

Before attempting to remove eyelash extensions at home it is important that you read the directions carefully. Most products will warn you that only a small tweezer or brush is needed to loosen the extensions. Make sure you use one that is safe for your own lashes. A common alternative to the tweezer is a small eye dropper designed to fit into most mascara tubes. These work well, but take care not to drink too much alcohol prior to attempting to remove them!

Used Method To Remove These Extensions:

The most commonly used method to remove these extensions is by applying a good quality eyelash remover cream. This must only be a quality product with ingredients that will not harm your own lashes. The first thing you should do is put on the remover such as Vaseline or petroleum jelly. Next put a small amount of the remover on the cotton pad and gently rub in against. The extensions for a few seconds.

If you prefer to do the job yourself. Then you can purchase a small adhesive remover kit which contains an eye dropper and applicator. Simply follow the instructions to the letter. It is always a good idea to practice at home before going to a salon. Some people prefer to bring along a cotton pad and disposable mascara to ensure. They are protected while the process is being carried out. The main problem you will have is that. The extensions will stick to the eyelashes making it difficult to remove them. This is why you need to ensure you take your time to apply. The adhesive remover correctly.

Eyelashes Removed Professional Method:

If you do decide to get your eyelashes removed by means of a professional, you will find that most salons will use a special cream that is used to bond the extensions to the eyelash. After applying this cream you need to make sure you rinse the cream from the extensions and wait fifteen to thirty minutes before applying makeup again. You are not allowed to just dab the cream around the eyes but need to work it into the roots of the eyelashes. The reason you need to do this is that any glue residue left behind will be harder to remove and reapply.

If you would like to know if it is safe to take off eyelash extensions at home then you can try rubbing a clean cotton pad against the lash line. If there is any residue then this will help loosen it up. You can also try using baby oil and running a damp cotton pad over the lash line before you leave the house. You never want to apply anything too close to the eyes. Once you have applied the glue to make sure you wait at least fifteen minutes before applying makeup again otherwise the glue will start to flake off.


The best thing to remember is that you should never put mascara on the eyelashes when they are being attached. The glue will keep the mascara in place permanently. Once the lashes are attached you can run mascara through each individual lash and add them together. This will help give your lashes a fuller look. The last thing you should do is wash your face before applying the mascara because this will cause irritation to the skin. When you take off eyelash extensions at home you need to take care of your own lashes by using a cleanser that is made for lashes.


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