November 28, 2022

What is the role of social media in high school education?

The integration of social media in high school education has become common in the last two decades. The role of social media in entertainment, communication, marketing, and education is inevitable. Social media platforms have become valuable resources contributing to success in high school education.

Websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are valuable references in high school education. They avail materials that are accessible to students for assignment help. It is important to understand the role of social media in high school education in modern days;

  1. Source of information

News, views, tips, data, findings, discoveries, and techniques are shared on social media via links. Students and teachers can use their phones, laptops, PCs, or tablets to access links to social media for information relevant to high school education.

They should check for validity of data and information extracted from social media before use in learning and teaching. There is fake information that can mislead the education process on social media. It is important to confirm the trustworthiness of the source.

  1. Promote interactive education

There are millions of users who log in to social media websites every tick of time. Some of these are high school students and teachers. They can use social media positively to promote education while interacting.

The teacher can impede skills and knowledge to students on social media. Students can ask questions and reach for help from their teachers on social media

3.Enhance smooth communication

Introverted and fearful students find it hard to participate, express their ideas and thoughts in a classroom setting. Such students may feel better while interacting on social media and become active on academic topics. Students from different schools can communicate and share ideas and knowledge.

Social media also enhances communication among teachers. They can share experiences and opportunities. Parents can be notified on the progress of the children and the challenges they encounter in high school education via social media.


  1. Help center

Social media is a great reference for quizzes and inquiries. It is our habit to search anything to get answers from social media websites. High school students can easily solve their academic problems by accessing links to related articles and texts.

Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube have tutorials that can be of help to high school education, for project writing, research papers, and solving arithmetic. Students can also access help with assignments from homework writers on social media accounts.

  1. Enable engagement with online resources

There are thousands of useful materials uploaded on social media daily. Some of them are relevant to high school education. Teachers can access new teaching materials to support students’ learning. Students can access digital texts books, research data, online tutorials, and guidelines which are important in high school education.

  1. Creates an enthusiastic environment

High school students enjoy accessing social media to complete tasks. Some of these tasks have a reward such as a free game upon completion. This raises enthusiasm for learning.

Students enjoy learning from new sources other than the teacher. The enthusiasm to study leads to academic success.

  1. Introduces more learning methods

E- learning is a method of education that can be done on social media platforms. teachers and students refer to social media during teaching and learning process. This breaks the monotony of the teacher doing all the talking all year round which could be boring.

Distance learning involve doing the teaching and learning via social media at the comfort of their homes. The students are saved from having to travel to school for classes. YouTube and Facebook live classes are effective.

  1. Advertising and announcing school events

Activities and events that happen in schools are sometimes important to be publicized for participation or support from public and government. Such include; graduations, festivals, enrollment, fundraising, games and sports etc.

Other important announcement includes performances and tenders. Parents can be informed about meetings on social media.

  1. Keeping profiles

Most high school own social media accounts and pages where they post to form the institution’s profile. They include pictures, videos, notices, reports, and records. The profiles are vital for future reference and to be retrieved for memories of great events.

  1. Fosters motivation

As students from different schools interact on social media, they share knowledge and skills. Students are motivated when they see others who are better than themselves and strive to improve.

  1. Promote collaborative learning

High school students access social media to learn similar themes. They use different designs to search for information from different social media platforms. This leads to variety of different results.

They can then share the results and put them together to compile standard result and share the final copies. Collaborative learning masquerade to good performance in high school education.

In summary

The role of social media in high school education in the modern days bore good results. However, the use of social media should be monitored and controlled to prevent over dependence on digital resources.

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